• 2 Seater Child Theater Recliner Chairs
  • 2 Seater Child Theater Recliner Chairs

Child Theater Seating Recliner Chairs

Get the theater set that is perfect for your mini movie and gaming buffs. Your kids will love their own hot seat for watching their favorite movies, playing games or just relaxing.


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Introducing the 2 seater child theater seating recliner chairs. It maybe a bit of a mouthful, but it makes a huge impact. Your kids will love their own luxury chairs to enjoy watching their favorite movie, playing games for hours on end or just chilling.

This child-sized home theater set features two individual reclining club chairs and a console bench with built-in cup holders. The set can be connected or split up according to your preference.

You and your kids can enjoy the theater experience right in your own home. Not only do they have a comfortable recliner chair, but a console bench that can hold their cups and any snacks. With these chairs, you may end up with some quiet time!

Recommended for children ages 2 to 9.

Overall dimensions: 54W x 20D x 27H inches