• Wise Flip-Up Pedestal

Wise Flip-Up Pedestal

Prop yourself up, lower yourself down, rotate with ease and enjoy the beautiful modern design of the Wise Flip-Up Pedestal.


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The Wise Flip-Up Pedestal is a beautifully crafted, modern pedestal chair that you will just sink into. It’s bucket design is inviting and comfortable, whilst its neutral color makes it a ‘Wise’ choice in complimenting your decor.

The pedestal is air adjustable, making it so easy for you to raise or lower the chair. Swivel in comfort and enjoy its luxurious comfort.

The Wise Flip-Up Pedestal is a great choice for your office or as a supporting chair in your living. Whatever and wherever you use this chair, you won’t be disappointed.

Seat Dimensions: 22″H x 24″W x 27″D, Seat Depth: 22″; Post Height: Adjustable 14″-20″