• Chenille Decorative Accent Arm Chair

Chenille Decorative Accent Arm Chair

The decorative Chenille Arm Chair is a classically beautiful piece of furniture that although plays a supportive role to a sofa will become the main event in your home.


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Stylish, beautiful and perfect for any home. Just a few words to describe the amazing Chenille Decorative Accent Arm Chair – This chair will transform the ambiance of your home.

Get the arm chair that everyone is talking about. This decorative accent arm chair is made from quality chenille fabric and a stunning cherry wood finish that draws your eye.

It’s gorgeous design is not it’s best feature, it is incredibly comfortable. Even though on paper, it may seem that this chair would play a supporting role to other furniture, this chair will soon take all of the plaudits and become your favorite chair in your home.

Add the Chenille Decorative Accent Arm Chair to your home today and get a chair that will perfectly compliment your existing decor with unquestionable comfort.

Some assembly may be required.