• Intex Caf Club Assortment Chair

    The lightweight and colorful assortment chair that will bring your apartment or dorm to life. Built for comfortable, this chair is perfect for any room.

  • The Drop Stool

    Look at the shape on this Drop Stool. Bright and with a perfect seating surface, no lounge is complete without this!

  • Fugu Bean Bag Chair

    I love bean bags! Especially full length ones. Relax, game or entertain in ultimate comfort.

  • Zero Gravity Massage Chair

    Sit back, relax and enjoy your own Massage Chair. That’s right, your own Massage Chair.

  • Asian Style Corner Chair

    Bring a taste of China to your home with this Asian style corner chair. Hand painted floral with a white silk cushion.

  • European Shampoo Chair

    Built for the salon, but perfect for your home! The ideal chair for your lounge, games room or man cave.

  • Madison Park Korey Chair

    Add a touch of fuchsia to your home with the Madison Park Korey Chair. This slipper chair offers deep seating for maximum comfort and classic design.

  • Merax Futon Sofa

    Enjoy life in multicolor with the bright, beautiful and amazing Merax Futon Sofa. Make an immediate impact on your home today!

  • Naomi Home Brisbane Glider

    Sit down, get comfortable and glide your way to relaxation with the Naomi Home Brisbane Glider.

  • Occasional Stripe Chair

    So you have your study decorated and furnished the way you like it, but your missing that perfect chair. Here is your answer!

  • Velour Contemporary Lounge Chair

    So contemporary, it’s almost futuristic! An oval shape for every part of your body to ensure maximum comfort.

  • Brown Leather Contemporary Chair

    Bring a bit of 70’s style to your own home with the luxury Brown Leather Contemporary Chair. A proud fixture to any living room.

  • Serenity Sleeper Sofa

    The chair that fits its name. The Serenity Sleeper Sofa is full of style and functionality. Get the sofa that gives you more than what you pay for.

  • Flared Arm Accent Chair

    The tasteful Flared Arm Accent Chair will become the focal point of any room. With beautiful vintage print and comfortable, this chair will complement your decor.

  • Coaster Sofa Bed

    The Coaster Sofa Bed is bold with contemporary and retro design. Highly distinctive, this chair will make an impact in your living room.

  • Child Theater Seating Recliner Chairs

    Get the theater set that is perfect for your mini movie and gaming buffs. Your kids will love their own hot seat for watching their favorite movies, playing games or just relaxing.

  • Aluminum Aviator Lounge Chair

    The receptive, 1940’s Aluminum Aviator Lounge Chair is an iconic piece of chair design. This extremely comfortable chair will take you to a place where no chair has taken you before!

    Original price was: $2,499.99.Current price is: $1,099.88.
  • Kamil Classic Sofa

    There is nothing ordinary about the Kamil Classic Sofa. Display your refined taste and watch the compliments pour in!

  • Khaki Flip Sleeper Chair

    What seems like a sofa-style recliner flips into a bed. The multi-functional chair is a must for young living.

  • Cosmopolitan Arm Chair

    The epitome of a rounded square. This chair takes shape in any space. Whether you use it for your office or home, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

    Improve your strength, stretch, relax and do your work on the Gaiam Custom Balance Ball Chair. Get the multi-functional chair ready for exercise or comfortable seating.

    Original price was: $79.99.Current price is: $59.99.
  • White Egg Shape Chair

    Who doesn’t love an Egg chair? This stylish bar chair would look great in your lounge area. Simple, but effective!

  • ENZO Sofa

    Fancy a huge custom made sofa? Well, the ENZO sofa is your answer. Get the U-shaped big leather sofa with fitted storage lights.

  • OSP Furniture Eco Guest Chair

    Bringing corporate and contemporary style together, this Eco Guest Chair is ideal for any office reception/ waiting/ lounge area.

  • Franklin Leather Club Chair

    Imagine the scene – You are in the library, open fire on a winter’s night, sat on this beautiful Franklin chair reading your favorite book. You too can make your own homely experience with this club chair.

  • Bobkona Reversible 3-Piece Sofa

    The use of color and shapes really makes this 3-piece sofa stand out. Get the sofa built to blend into any decor, whilst making an impact on its own!

  • High Heel Shoe Chair

    Be the height of fashion with your own high heel shoe chair. Choose from a selection of colors to get a unique chair that matches your passion for shoes.

  • Zig Zag Chair

    The Zig Zag Chair is a piece of classic art with its minimalist design that attracts everyone’s eye. Get a unique piece of furniture history that will stand out in any room.

  • LexMod Diamond Chair

    Look at it from a distance and you might miss it, but the Diamond Chair provides a modern and simplistic design that suits any environment.

  • Western Leather and Cowhide Sofa

    Don’t panic, this chair is not ripped or damaged. Like ripped jeans was, this is the new high of fashion, combining quality leather with cowhide.

  • Barcelona Style Pavilion Chair

    Bring garden style comfort to your living room with this Pavilion chair. Available in white or black.

  • Art Deco Contemporary Club Chair

    Curves and straight edges bring a futuristic look to this great club chair. A perfect example of the ideal ‘Dad chair’.

  • Relaxing Sofa Bed Chair

    Lie back, sit up or tilt your way to relaxation. This multi-position sofa bed chair would be a great addition to any dorm or spare room.

  • Lounge Rocking Chair

    All Rock, but no Roll! Take the weight off your feet and enjoy the rocking comfort of this fantastic chair.

  • Sofa Love Seat

    This love seat just calls, ‘Come To Me’. Available in a range of colors.

  • DHP Emily Splitback Futon

    Who doesn’t love a Futon? Relax on a sofa, snuggle on a lounger or rest on a bed. This futon is not only easy on the eye, but it is multi-functional!

  • Pori Armchair

    A Tulip in furniture form. Bring this flower inspired chair design to your living room today.

  • Modern Futuristic Club Chair

    Take a look at this luxurious leather and metal club chair. With its modern and futuristic design, this chair looks like a command module that would suit any room.

  • Lasso Chair

    The ultimate supporting chair for your living room. With 360-degree swivel, you can turn and chat with friends or watch TV without moving an inch.

  • Luxury Pear Bean Bag

    There’s nothing better than a Bean Bag, except a Luxury Pear Bean Bag made of sheepskin!

  • Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa

    This large sectional sofa would make the perfect centerpiece for your living room. Contemporary and modern, you won’t be disappointed with this chair.

  • Wise Flip-Up Pedestal

    Prop yourself up, lower yourself down, rotate with ease and enjoy the beautiful modern design of the Wise Flip-Up Pedestal.

  • Martinique Wicker Glider

    Lounge in your living room or relax in your garden. Wherever you use this chair, it will not crack, peel, fade or rust even in the harshest environments.

  • America Elsa Neo-Retro Sofa

    Bright and retro with timeless appeal, this America Elsa chair will make an impact in any room.

  • Design Toscano Rocaille Arm Chair

    Luxury chairs have now arrived at affordable prices. Add the hand-carved Design Toscano Rocaille Arm Chair to your home today.

    Original price was: $769.50.Current price is: $641.89.
  • Talia Sectional Sofa

    Sleek and simple sectional sofa that brings ambiance to your living room. Spacious and comfortable living just got easier.

  • Ghost Side Chair

    Make your room look bigger whilst offering first class comfort with this impressive Ghost Side Chair.

  • Pangea Lounge Chair

    So eye-catching that it belongs in a museum. But today, you can own this stunning futuristic lounge chair.

  • Aspen Leather Sofa

    Innovative design + maximum style = Quality. Get the sleek and stylish Aspen Leather Sofa that is built to provide comfort.

  • Josie Azure Love Seat

    Combining contemporary and traditional styles into one piece.

  • Fjords Lobster Recliner Chair

    Norwegian design and craftmanship at its best. This lobster style chair makes an impression.

  • Dallas Cowboys Stadium Seats

    Own a piece of Dallas Cowboys sporting history with your very own seats from the Texas Stadium.

  • Adeco Sofa Bed

    Add some color to your living room today. Create a warm and vibrant atmosphere with this bold Adeco Sofa Bed.

  • Metro Shop Accent Chair

    Add some modern design to your home with the simple, but effective Metro Shop Accent Chair.

  • Modern Block Shaped Sofa

    Modern inviting design meets bold and beautiful colors – Introducing the comfortable Modern Block Shaped Sofa.

  • Hugo Chair

    The modern yet elegant Hugo Chair adds a stylish design twist to your home or office.

  • KEET Homey VIP Organic Sofa

    Elegant and beautifully handcrafted sofa that delivers traditional style that your kids will love.

  • Victoria Bentwood Rocker

    An old school vintage rocker that would create a ‘Rock n Roll’ style addition to your home.

  • Kids Hamburger Beanbag Chair

    Do you want fries with that? This Kids Hamburger Beanbag Chair makes me hungry just looking at it.

  • Kidney Bean Sofa

    Modern, bright and stylish – A beautifully designed example of mid century modernism.

  • Nook Pebble Lounger

    Designed for toddlers and young children, this lightweight and colorful lounger will be a hit in your home.

  • Swayback Lounge Chair

    This classy lounge chair exudes quality with its rich cerulean blue fabric and birchwood frame.

  • Cooper Latte 3-Way Recliner Chair

    Vintage style with contemporary design, the perfect combination to accompany the amazing comfort of this quality recliner.

  • Draper in Space Sofa

    1960’s chic meets space-aged sleek with this highly adaptable sofa.

  • Dollar Beanbag Chair

    Talk about leaving your money lying around. This Dollar adult beanbag chair brings ‘value’ and a comfortable addition to any room.

  • Victorian Cameo-Backed Settee

    It is safe to say that you will be the only one in your family or friends to own this settee. Be unique and add quality to your home.

  • Plush Dual Recliner Loveseat

    Snuggle up with the one(s) you love and enjoy the complete relaxation of this amazing recliner loveseat.

  • Zahara Leather Club Chair

    The completely handmade silver Zahara Leather Club Chair will add unique style and timeless design to your home.

  • Modern Contemporary Two Tone Sofa

    Ultra modern two tone contemporary design that will bring life to your living room.

  • AC Pacific Accent Chair

    Executive living meets retro style. The ideal addition to your living room or office.

  • Yogibo Max Giant Bean Bag

    The multifunctional bean bag, perfect for reading, relaxing, gaming or just watching TV.

  • Firehouse One Chair

    Bet you never would have thought that you would have a steel drum in your living room? But when they look this good as a chair, you can make an exception.

  • Odyssey Aviator Leather Chair

    Sit back in your own personal cockpit and enjoy luxury comfort of this aviator armchair.

  • Hokki Stool

    Transform sitting into an activity. Always stay on the move, be productive and deliver from this ergonomic Hokki Stool.