5 Factors To Look For Whilst Purchasing A Drafting Chair

Drafting Chair

5 Factors To Look For Whilst Purchasing A Drafting Chair

5 Factors To Look For Whilst Purchasing A Drafting Chair

Choosing a comfortable drafting chair allows you to work effortlessly and painlessly for hours at a stretch, especially if you are a drafter. On the contrary, purchasing a wrong one results in fatigue, thereby reduced productivity, and will cause pain to your feet, back, legs, arms, and neck because they do not allow you to sit comfortably. Sitting for extended periods in a static position puts excessive stress on various parts of your body, particularly on your neck and back.

Heights and angles

Medical studies conclude that sitting forward at an angle between 110 to 130 degrees provides optimal comfort to the spine and leaning backwards at 135 degrees prevents back strain. Therefore, this is the first thing you should check before purchasing a drafting chair. Remember, the elevation of your drafting table, which is higher than that of standard desks, plays a crucial role in determining the height of the chair too.

Solving the confusion

Though many people know about drafting chairs, they get confused when selecting one that is suitable for their needs. Search online, you will find many stores promoting a wide array of drafting stools and chairs with various kinds of features and designs to choose from. It is best to avoid stools since they do have armrests or back rest.

Determining the height of the chair

The height of the drafting chair should be such that your elbow is at the same height as that of the lower front edge of the table when you sit on the chair. Obviously, determining this is impossible unless you visit a brick and mortar store. Here is a simple method to calculate the height of the drafting chair, assuming that you already have a drafting table.

1) Sit on any chair with your elbows bent at 90 degrees.
2) Measure the distance between your elbows and the surface of the chair.
3) Measure the distance from the floor to the lower front edge of the table.

Subtracting the height measured in the third step from the height in the second step provides you with the ideal height of the seat of the drafting chair.

Adjustable heights and swiveling seats

It is best to purchase a drafting chair that has an adjustable seat. This allows you to alter the height of its seat to a comfortable level. Consider purchasing a model that contains an adjustable foot ring. This prevents strain on your knees when working for extended durations. If you have to turn in different directions while working, purchase a drafting chair with a swivel seat.

Backrest and headrest

While purchasing a drafting chair, check the height of its backrest. It should extend up to your neck. Certain models have backward seat tilt along with backrest tilt. They allow you to tilt back and relax without getting up from the drafting chair. A good drafting chair will maintain the natural curve of your spine when you recline as well as when you sit in an upright posture. For maximum ergonomic benefit opt for a model that incorporates a headrest too. Purchasing a model that has armrests allows you to rest your arms too. If other drafters will sit on the same chair, it makes sense to purchase a model that has adjustable headrests and armrests. Here are some models that you can choose from.

The Boss range of drafting chairs provides all of the above features. One of their models, the Boss B16245-BK also has a back cushion to provide extra comfort to your back. However, it does not have a headrest.

Available in a black and green color combination, the Merax range contains a headrest along with a locking tilt control mechanism.

If you are looking a trendy drafting chair, look no further than the Flash LF-215-BLK-GG model. Priced affordable without compromising on comfort, its sleek black & chrome construction along with its tractor seat will bowl you over.

Image courtesy of Aces Finds Vintage under the Creative Commons license.

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