5 Things To Consider When Buying Chair Cushions

Chair Cushions

5 Things To Consider When Buying Chair Cushions

5 Things To Consider When Buying Chair Cushions

New chair cushions can add comfort, elegance and a dash of color to chairs. This is because chair pads are available in a wide range of color, sizes, patterns and styles. Still, you may face difficulties selecting the right cushion given the large number of products competing for consumers’ attention. Here are five things to consider when buying chair cushions:

1. Size

The size of chair cushions largely depends on size of your chairs, benches, or sofas. Average sized cushions range anywhere from 16” to 18” × 16” to 18”. In general, small cushions will look out of place if you have large couches. The opposite is true for large cushions on small chairs. If you have large chairs/sofas and want to create a ‘loungey’ look/feel, go for oversize cushions at least 18 to 24 square inches.

2. Padding Material

Since a core function of cushions is enhancing comfort, consider padding materials carefully. If you are buying cushions to place on outdoor chairs, make sure they have padding material that can withstand the elements (sunlight, wind, rain) without deteriorating overnight. A good example is padding material that will not develop mold or mildew. Materials that fit this description well include gel, polyester fill, and air. For indoor chair cushions, gel, polyester fiberfill, and foam padding will work well. If cost is not an issue, consider feather-filled cushions. They tend to have more squish that is evenly distributed.

3. Shape

The most common chair cushion shapes include square, rectangle and circle. If you have chairs with sharp edges, go for circular cushions to soften their look. For homeowners with large and puffy chairs, square cushions will enhance aesthetic balance. Square cushions will also come in handy if your aim is enhancing body support while lounging. For back and neck support, go for rectangular cushions. It is also worth noting you can mix different shapes. For instance, you can place a circular cushion at the center of a couch and square cushions on its right and left. Besides regularly shaped cushions, you will come across irregularly shaped ones and it is worth comparing and contrasting them with the former.

4. Color and Pattern

Color and pattern are the two important features of chair cushions. In essence, you should choose chair pads that contrast, rather than match chair color and pattern. For example, light-orange colored cushions will contrast well with a white-greyish colored armchair. In the same vein, pick orange, red, or blue-colored cushions for chairs in a predominantly white decor rich room (walls, flooring/carpet, and chairs are mostly white).

Bold colors will attract the attention of people entering the room as well as mute the predominant white color. Patterned cushions will also blend in well in such an environment. For wicker chairs, pick striped or floral patterns. It is also worth noting that small and tight patterns camouflage spills well. In a classically themed environment, chair cushions with elaborate patterns or ornamentation will blend in well with existing decor. For the eclectically inclined homeowner, any color or pattern will do.

5. Extra Features

It is up to you to decide which extra features suit your home’s decor, personal preferences, and budget allocation. With this in mind, consider cushions that come with washable covers for easy and hassle free cleaning. Some cushions come with zippers, buttons, or ties for securing them to various surfaces. Such fasteners are particularly useful for outdoor chair pads. Finally, some cushions come with removable but non-washable covers. When they become dirty, just replace them with new ones.

In conclusion…

Chair cushions offer more than functionality. They also play a big role in enhancing home decor. For this reason, consider factors such as size, padding material, shape, pattern and color, as well as extra features like washable covers and zippers. Although some people worry too much about the cost, it should only come into play after evaluating all the other key factors. Remember, chair cushions compliment your chair(s). It is worth looking at our post about 5 Reasons The Right Chair is a Really Cool Chair to make sure that your chair is suited for the cushions that you plan to buy.

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