Highlighting The Functionality Of Sleeper Chairs

Sleeper Chair

Highlighting The Functionality Of Sleeper Chairs

Highlighting The Functionality Of Sleeper Chairs

Sleeper chairs are among the most practical pieces of furniture available on the market. If you live in a small home, having a sleeper chair in the living room, instead of a standard sofa, could be the ideal thing to do. This type of chair allows you to quickly transform any space into a guest room. It can also become your bedroom if you reside in a small space like a studio apartment.

The functionality of sleeper chairs is definitely an essential feature. However, there are a number of other factors to be considered before making the decision to purchase one. Below are some of those considerations:

  1. Think about your needs when deciding on these cool chairs. For example, will the sleeper chair be used primarily for seating or as a bed?
  2. Is the mechanism that opens and closes the bed easy to operate?
  3. What type of mattress does the sleeper chair have? These very cool chairs are equipped with various types of mattresses. Specialty materials are used to make some of them, some are basically air beds and others are outfitted with innersprings. If the sleeper chair will be primarily used as a bed, go for a model that has a comfortable mattress that will provide a good night’s sleep for the long haul.

There are many sleeper chair manufactures and as such, there will be noticeable differences in both pricing and quality. Buying the best quality you can afford is usually the best way to go. However, you should not choose a sleeper chair solely of its price. Do a bit of research and you will realize the ones at the higher end of your budget are typically of better quality.

Space Restrictions

If your space is limited, twin-size sleeper chairs might provide the ideal solution for you. At this size, the bed measures less than 5 feet in width. The mattress is approximately 39 inches wide and it is perfect for one sleeper.

When opened up, the bed measures roughly 85 inches in length and 54 inches in width. Do not expect these sleeper chairs to be less expensive because of their size. These beds are not purchased for their affordability. Space restriction is usually why individuals buy this size.

Get a Bit More Stretching Room

If your sleeper chair will be used for sleeping on a nightly basis, you will most likely need a full-size model, even with space limitations. Twin-size sleeper chairs could be too restricting and small for an adult to use every day. Additionally, a full-size sleeper chair can sleep two persons in a pinch. However, if two individuals will be using the bed on a regular basis, the full-size sleeper chair might not be spacious or comfortable enough.

Used as seating, the full-size sleeper chair is sized between a love seat and regular sofa. It is similar to an apartment sofa; therefore, it provides a great option for spaces with less room. When fully opened, a full-size sleeper chair is approximately 90 inches in length and roughly 72 inches in width.

When There is No Issue with Space Limitation

You can enjoy the luxury of lounging in a queen-size sleeper chair when space is not limited. The queen-size sleeper is the most widely available of the bunch. You will be able to find the greatest variety in this sleeper chair, with different types of mattresses and in different fabrics and designs. It can seat 3 easily and comfortably provide a resting place for 2 individuals. When opened, its width is approximately 84 inches and its length is about 90 inches.

Sleeper chairs are highly functional and they can provide a place to sleep on a regular basis or occasionally. These cool chairs are also available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and designs.

Image courtesy of Cantoni Design under the Creative Commons license.

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