• Newco Comfy Spotted Kids Chair

Comfy Spotted Kids Chair

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Every Princess deserves their own throne to sit on. Your girl can watch and read her favorite fairy tales on this comfy kids chair.


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The Comfy Spotted Kids Chair by Newco, transforms your girl into a princess. Available in pink or green polka dots, this comfy kids chair is perfect for your special girl to watch TV/ movies, read books, play games or even take the very rare long nap. The chair comes with a pillow (of the same color), which adds a nice touch but also supports your little one to relax in comfort.

But what about spillages/ stains? We all know that kids do make a mess. The soft fabric of this spotted kids chair is easy to clean with mild soap and water. Rest assure that your little girl can even have a snack or drink when sitting on this chair.

You could even buy two chairs and you will have space for when your little treasure has a friend round.

This comfy chair is a cute and functional piece of furniture that your kids would love.

Made in the USA.