• Spin ‘N Saucer Chair

    Your Kids will blast off on their own interstellar adventure with the Spin ‘N Saucer chair. With 360 motion, children can glide in any direction and have endless ‘out of this world’ fun.

    Original price was: $34.99.Current price is: $29.94.
  • Kids NFL Recliner

    The Kids NFL Recliner is perfect chair for your little fan and their team’s colors. Choose from 18 team logos and colors.

  • Disney Cars 2 Kids Recliner

    Your kids will life in the fast lane with the latest Cars 2 recliner. Perfect for reading, playing games or the occasional nap.

  • Naomi Home Brisbane Glider

    Sit down, get comfortable and glide your way to relaxation with the Naomi Home Brisbane Glider.

  • Fantasy Furniture Fancy Kids Sofa

    Bright colors and comfort – Everything a child would want from their favorite chair! Whether reading, watching TV or playing games, your kids will be delighted with this addition to their bedroom.

  • Kids Soccer Chair

    Your little soccer fan will love this chair in their room. Great for kids to watch their favorite team in style.

  • Child Theater Seating Recliner Chairs

    Get the theater set that is perfect for your mini movie and gaming buffs. Your kids will love their own hot seat for watching their favorite movies, playing games or just relaxing.

  • Kids School Bus Play Table and Chair Set

    Not exactly a standalone chair, but who doesn’t want to get aboard this great kids table and chair set.

  • Comfy Spotted Kids Chair

    Every Princess deserves their own throne to sit on. Your girl can watch and read her favorite fairy tales on this comfy kids chair.

  • Personalized Kids Mini Chair

    If you like then you should put their name on it! Add that special, personal touch to your kids room with their own beautiful chair.

  • Lounge Rocking Chair

    All Rock, but no Roll! Take the weight off your feet and enjoy the rocking comfort of this fantastic chair.

  • Sesame Street Chair

    The Sesame Street Desk and Chair is a smart and cute addition to any child s room. Perfect for reading or coloring.

  • Knights and Dragon Chairs

    Let your kids imagination run wild and live out their medieval fantasy. Your child can play out their role as a Knight and take their seat at their own round table.

  • ECR4Kids Bentwood Chair

    Improve your child’s posture with the ECR4Kids Bentwood Chair. Incredibly safe, this set of chairs are unique and comfortable. Available in different sizes and colors.

  • Star Wars Darth Vader Kids Chair

    Come take your rightful seat on the dark side, my son!

  • The Joker Gaming Chair

    Why so serious!? No need to worry about that, this chair brings a smile to your face. The Joker Gaming Chair from Warner Brothers is a fun, colorful and comfortable addition to any fans’ gaming space.

  • Damien Dog Chair

    A great gift idea for your kids. This cuddly chair is a great seat for your young ones to snuggle up on.

  • Dr. Seuss Plush Kids Chair

    The perfect companion for your child whether it’s in reading, relaxing or watching TV.

  • Tooth Stool

    Make your kids smile with this shiny Tooth Stool.

  • 4Moms Mamaroo Chair

    Get this designer baby chair that natural comforts your little one. Select from 5 unique motions and speeds to soothe your baby.

  • Inskeppa Safari Kids Chair

    It’s a Jungle out there! Your little animals will love creating their own Safari with this fun Inskeppa Safari Kids Chair.

  • Kids Piano Chair

    The sound of quiet and comfortable children will be the best music for any parent. This fun chair will make a great addition to your kids’ room.

  • Kids Hamburger Beanbag Chair

    Do you want fries with that? This Kids Hamburger Beanbag Chair makes me hungry just looking at it.

  • Nook Pebble Lounger

    Designed for toddlers and young children, this lightweight and colorful lounger will be a hit in your home.

  • Julie’s Egg Chair

    Your little angel can sit down and listen to their favorite song in the comfort of this egg chair.

  • Royal Princess Chair

    A throne fit for a Princess!

  • Retro Racers Table & Chair Set

    After your kids are done racing around, get them in for a pit stop at the Retro Racers Table & Chair Set. They will love it!

  • Fluffy Dog Rocking Chair

    Probably the cutest rocking chair in the world!

  • MODIKIN Kids Chair

    Colorful, safe and lightweight. Perfect for kids play, reading or watching TV.

  • Giraffe Kids Chair

    Great fun for your kids, this Giraffe Kids Chair is perfect for watching TV or child’s play.

  • Jaxx Zipline Kids Loveseat

    Very practical, lightweight and comfortable Kids Loveseat perfect for rest and play. Available in a range of colors.

  • Madison Park Mirage Bench

    This beautiful mirage bench is perfect for the foot of your bed, your kids bedroom and a supporting chair in your living room. This bench is a comfortable chair with plentiful storage space – the epitome of multi-functional furniture.

  • Merax Kids Rocking Chair

    The bold and comfortable lounge chair that will brighten up your kids room.

  • Signature Design Upholstered Stool

    Fit for Royalty and the Glamorous, this upholstered stool will make a quality feature to your bedroom/ dressing room.

  • Jaxx Julep Kids Armchair

    The colorful armchair that your kids will love. Perfect for reading or watching TV, this chair would be ideal for your living room or your kids bedroom.

  • Pink Kids Ruffle Chair

    Bright, bold and pink – The perfect chair for your little angel!

  • Elephant Plush Kids Chair

    Your Kids will love this Elephant Plush Chair! A great infant/ toddler chair that they can sit on, play and snuggle with.

    Original price was: $76.95.Current price is: $47.99.
  • Black Pirate Kids Chair

    Ahoy matey! This is a new, fun chair perfect for your little Pirates.

  • Kids Cartoon Owl Chair

    Colorful and fun, this playful Cartoon Owl Chair would make a great addition to your kids bedroom or playroom.