4 Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Home Bar Chairs

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4 Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Home Bar Chairs

4 Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Home Bar Chairs

Selecting the right chairs for your home bar can be tricky because there are many competing products in the market. In addition, it may be difficult to find chairs that are both comfortable and functional. Here are four key factors to consider when choosing home bar chairs:


The best way to determine the appropriate chair height is by measuring the height of your home bar counter or table. Do not rush to market with this figure because you will end up with chairs that are not functional. The general rule of thumb is to subtract 9 to 12″ from the height of your home bar counter. This deduction is necessary to enable you and guests sit comfortably and reach drinks placed on bar counter without straining too much. Here is a rough height guide that you can use:

  • For bar counter height ranging from 28 to 30″, go for chairs 16 to 23″ high
  • If bar counter is 35 to 39″ high, select chairs 24 to 27″ high
  • For bar counter 41 to 43″ high, chairs 28-33″ high will fit in well
  • If bar counter is 44 to 47″ high, bar chairs should be 33 to 36″ high


Another factor to consider is material. To start with, metal is a popular material that fits in well in home bars that have a modern theme or decor. For instance, metal contrasts well with wood wall paneling and wood flooring. For the homeowner who does not fancy metal bar chairs, wood chairs will blend in well with almost any type of decor. Moreover, wood will give a home bar a rustic, country, or traditional look. At the same time, wood adds warm tones to rooms.

If you love contemporary home decor, go for bar chairs made of wood and metal. This combination of materials is quite popular and is a great way of adding color to a minimally decorated room. In fact, this combination works well in rooms painted with neutral colors. Besides wood and metal, you may come across chairs made of bamboo and recycled plastics.


The range of bar chair designs is quite wide, meaning you are highly likely to find chairs that suit your preferences, home bar decor or entertaining style. For instance, swiveling chairs incorporate a classic design that has remained popular through the years. For this design, you can select chairs with arms, backrest, and cushions or forgo such add-ons.

Swiveling makes it easy for guests to mount and dismount. They do not have to move or push chairs across the floor to do so. Of course, pushing or pulling chairs could leave ugly marks on the surface of your bar floor. When deciding whether to buy cushioned or non-cushioned chairs, remember cushions make a chair more comfortable. As a result, one can sit on it for longer than a non-cushioned one.

If you love the modern bar look, try chairs with hydraulic or gas lifts in the center support post. The beauty of chairs with lifts is they do away with the hassle of measuring your home bar’s counter height. On the support front, bar chairs with four legs arranged in a square format are probably the most common support design. If the designs on the market do not suit your preferences, come up with your own unique design and hire a carpenter to turn it into reality.


In spite of advice offered by friends and family or gleaned from home decor magazines/online, go for functional chairs. This means chairs that are easy to clean and service, durable, and comfortable. Even if they are costly, functionality alone will more than offset any other consideration over the long term.


Whether you have a modern, traditional, contemporary-themed home bar, you can find suitable chairs if you scour the market carefully. Check out our suggestions here at Really Cool Chairs. Some of the factors to consider when shopping for chairs include functionality, design, material and height. Additionally, select colors that blend in well with your bar’s overall color theme.

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