Add Color to your Home

Add Color to your Home

Add Color to your Home

Add Color to your Home

If you want to add some color to your house, you would typically put up some new wallpaper or paint the walls. Or maybe you would buy a new sofa, perhaps even some curtains. And so on and so on…

While that’s all fine and well, there are more innovative methods to getting a new burst of color in your life without going such a mundane route. Below we take a look at 5 unique ways – from unusual chairs to altering your ceiling – in which you can add a punch of color to your home.

Accessorize your furniture

It is not uncommon to see furniture like sofas and chairs appear all bare without any extra features and accessories.

Although perfectly acceptable, this plain Jane approach doesn’t maximize that all-important color and vibe factor. To elevate furniture, you need some accessories. Think throw pillows, chair cushions and blankets – comfy features that accentuate your furniture.

The ambiance of a room can be instantly changed by doing this, despite it being a foolproof and inexpensive option.

Spruce up your bookshelf

The bookshelf can be more than a place that simply holds your favorite literature works.

It can, if given the chance, be a vibrant hub of color. I know you’re probably feeling skeptical right now, but it’s true!

Firstly, painting on the inside of your bookshelf can create a heck of a stylish imprint with minimal fuss. This is especially true if your walls are a neutral color in contrast.

Furthermore, you could – despite it going against all the rules of bookshelf etiquette – move those visually unappealing books and replace them with a decorative ornament for another example. Even innocuous items can help brighten/dampen the mood of a home, so don’t overlook such seemingly minor aspects.

The power of flowers

Flowers can be more than simply an occasional gift to your loved ones.

In fact, flowers can instantly transform any space they occupy. They offer a vibrant explosion that is a feast for the senses.

And as flowers have a natural lifespan, you have the option of constantly changing the color and flower type on a regular basis. So if your tastes change or you want something that is more in accordance with the season, varying things up is a painless affair.

Consider some unusual chairs

Unusual chairs, as the tag suggests, are different from the norm.

They come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and, most importantly for this very topic, colors. When you consider that your average furniture tends to stick with tried-and-tested designs, a distinctive chair can add plenty of color – in more ways than one.

The difference between your standard suite and that of a unique chair can be striking. As soon as you plunk it down in the room of your choice, it becomes the distinguished feature of said room. Yet don’t mistake that for it sticking out like a sore thumb – with a hefty slice of panache, unusual chairs should combine, complement and tie everything in the room together seamlessly.

Change up your ceiling

Your ceiling is white, isn’t it?

There’s no need to have a quick glance up to make sure – Everyone’s ceiling is white.

White is the universally known color for ‘safety’ in the interior designer’s handbook. But if you want to bust out that stepladder and take a walk on the wild side, splashing color onto your ceiling isn’t a bad idea.

Now this doesn’t mean you should go completely bonkers. There’s a difference between adding a bit of pizazz and turning your house into a mentalist’s dream.

If you decide to go with a full color ceiling, make sure it is a subtle shade that supplements the rest of the room. Another effective use of color could be to go with a gingham-style design. That way you can get the best of both worlds, with a mix of trusty white as the base.

Image courtesy of Craige Moore under the Creative Commons license.

Do you have any other tips to add color to your home? Please comment below.


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