Pimping Out Your Man Cave

Pimping Out Your Man Cave

Pimping Out Your Man Cave

Pimping Out Your Man Cave

Sometimes you just need an escape from everything. A sanctuary within a sanctuary where work, chores and, ahem, your significant other is pushed to the wayside.

That place is commonly referred to as the man cave.

The man cave is a wondrous place, where relaxation and enjoying the finer things in life (TV, games and copious amounts of alcohol) take precedent over everything else. But constructing a room of such epic magnitude can be difficult to get your head around. That is, if you don’t have this very guide to accompany you on your journey.

From funky chairs to jukeboxes, here is the 5-step process you should follow to create an awesome man cave.

1. Get the basics done

This is a man cave. It is going to exude extravagance on a very manly scale.

However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the basic concepts of room design. First things first, make sure your floor and walls are designed to your specifications. Because once your room is complete, these are among the hardest things to convert for obvious reasons.

You will also need plenty of shelving and storing solutions. After all, we’ve never heard of a minimalist man cave! There’s going to be a lot of various belongings in the room, so you should aim to keep everything organized. Clutter is not healthy for the ambience of any room.

2. Set up your perfect entertainment system

No man-centric room is complete without a kickass entertainment system.

Now the TV is a given, but don’t overlook the sound system, video game consoles, and all the other mod cons that make life so sweet.

And to save any heartache in the future, organization – like in the previous step – is important. If you are setting up an assortment of electronic devices, you should aim for a convenient structure that prevents you having to constantly swap and change what is hooked up to your main hub (i.e. television).  A component switch box is helpful in that regard.

3. Cool chairs for men: choose one!

Now that you have the main gadgets and gizmos configured, you are going to need somewhere comfortable to sit down.

Admittedly, your average piece of furniture would suffice. But this is your refuge – surely you want something that delivers in both comfort and eye-catching style? If so, funky chairs are the way to go.

Regardless if you want seating that is shaped like a car or has a fridge in the armrest, chances are there is going to be something out there that matches your requirements – no matter how peculiar those desires may be. And consequently, cool chairs for men – due to their individualistic features – can match your personality accurately.

Plus if this is a room for entertaining guests, a collection of funky chairs can make a big impact among your family and friends.

4. Stand out with a luxury item

Delving deeper into the area of decorating the room with your interests, you want to pick out one or more unique items that make it the ultimate space that is all about you.

If you love video games, get an arcade machine. If you are a music enthusiast, install a jukebox with all your beloved tunes. Or how about a pool table, pinball machine or poker table that can become the cornerstone for your man cave? Something along those lines will really elevate the room to the next level.

5. Adorn the walls with your favorite interests

Fixtures and fittings complete? Check.

Is that entertainment system in place? Check.

Made a funky chairs choice? Check.

Got an extravagant centerpiece? Check.  

Well with all those steps complete, now is the time to apply those finishing touches to the room that make it say, without any doubt, ‘this is my space’.

Although we keep reiterating ourselves, your man cave should highlight your interests. This isn’t the place for humdrum paintings that will please your grandparents. So with that in mind, consider the following choices when it comes to decorating your walls:

  • Posters
  • Sport memorabilia
  • Artwork
  • Signs

If it represents you and what you’re passionate about, get it up on those walls.

Image courtesy of Maegan Tintari under the Creative Commons license.

How have you customized your man cave? Please comment below.


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