Cool Ways To Revamp Your Teen’s Personal Space

Teen Personal Space

Cool Ways To Revamp Your Teen’s Personal Space

Cool Ways To Revamp Your Teen’s Personal Space

No two teenagers are the same. So, trying to put all their likes and dislikes into one article can prove daunting. Well, that is unless we are talking about something awesome, like really cool teen chairs. The one thing we can count on all teenagers to be into is having the newest and coolest loot that perfectly reflects their quirks. Whatever their personal tastes, and irrespective of how they differ individually, teenagers are into self-discovery and self-expression. Therefore, having rad furniture for their bedrooms, tree houses and just about every other no adults allowed zone that they can occupy and enjoy spending every waking moment. We know what teenagers like. Here we highlight some of the really cool ways you can transform their space.

1. Add Color

A splash of color is a great addition to a space. Adding color by way of murals and/or wallpaper can help liven up a space. Even using one solid color that is different from, but works well with the rest of the colors in the room, can help anchor the space and tie all the elements (furniture, accessories and the like) together — making it cohesive.

If you do decide to go the mural route, be sure to choose either a design that features some of your teen’s favorite things. These features could include images of favorite books, artiste, symbols, cool quotes, or even an abstract design. If you opt for wallpaper to lift the feel of the room, then you can opt to mix different (but complementary) wallpaper designs to create a completely unique focus wall.

2. Accessories and Artifacts

Attractive and unique pieces of art such as paintings, and specially made crafts, are sure to make for great talking points in a teenager’s space. So choose pieces that look great, are movable and that are made from virtually indestructible material. Accessories, crafts, art pieces and the like that can withstand spills and falls are most appropriate for a teenager’s space.

3. Funky Furniture Fun

Great furniture pieces can immediately transform just about any space. Adding the right edgy, retro, really cool furniture is a surefire way to make both you and your favorite teenager love the space they are in. Of course, you never want to overdo this and crow the space with either too many pieces of furniture, or furniture that is too large. Consider the construction and design of the pieces as well, ensuring that they fit well in the space.

Of course, the very nature of a teen hangout spot requires furniture to hang out on. This means they will need cool teen chairs. Here are three chairs we have found:

LumiSource Mitt ChairThis Multicolored LumiSource Mitt Chair is comfortable, colorful and can fit well in any teenager’s space. It can be used as a chair for a homework desk, and double as extra seating when friends come over.




INTEX Inflatable Colorful Cafe Chaise Lounge ChairThis INTEX Inflatable Colorful Cafe Chaise Lounge Chair w/ Ottoman adds both style, comfort and extra seating to your teenager’s space. The best part of this funky chair is its inflatable design, which is perfect for smaller spaces. It can be pulled out when friends come over and quickly hidden away when they leave. The colors also make it suitable for just about any color scheme or decor theme.


Newco Kids Redondo ChairThis Newco Kids’ Redondo Minky Zebra Chair is great for a girl’s room. It is easy to clean and is a great statement piece.




Bonus Tips:

  • Do not use themes that are faddish and cheesy. The last thing your maturing teenager trying to impress his or her friends would want is a bedroom or hangout space that is dated. Therefore, avoiding decoration themes that are too trendy also saves you the trouble and money of having to constantly update the space. Instead, be creative but be careful to make decor decision that are along more classic lines, and can thereby stand the test of time.
  • When selecting colors, ensure that you choose colors that work well with the other elements in your design. Colors should complement each other. This is true whether you opt for bright or sober colors. Speak with your teenager on what their favorite colors are and try to work these into the design.

Image courtesy of Lisa Voss under the Creative Commons license.

What is your inspiration? What are your suggestions? Please comment below.


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