The Art Of Creating A Contemporary Dining Room

Contemporary Dining Room

The Art Of Creating A Contemporary Dining Room

The Art Of Creating A Contemporary Dining Room

The dining room is special as it brings individuals together to share food, fun and family time. This space is an environment in which family members and friends can gather to share meals and talk about events of the day. The dining room creates the perfect setting for discussing many life-changing events.

Clean lines and curves are hallmarks of contemporary design. This design style avoids the look and feel of clutter and embraces open spaces. Giving your dining room a contemporary design will surely give your home an aesthetic boost.

Contemporary design effortlessly combines man-made and natural materials to create a trendy, sleek and natural decor. Adorning the dining room with potted plants is a smart way to combine nature and man-made items. The plants can be placed on the floor or on a shelf. Choose plants with bright green leaves to give the space more life. Contemporary pot with neutral colors and geometric patterns provide a great way to showcase your plants.

Furniture for the Contemporary Dining Room

Minimal furniture is a characteristic of contemporary design. This makes it easy to maintain the style and keep the space clean. Choose a dining room table that has sleek lines. You can go for a glass-topped table with silvery legs or a sleek, wooden table.

Additionally, you can use really cool chairs in the dining area to intensify the contemporary design. Dining room chairs that befit a contemporary space should have right angles, straight edges and strong lines. Soft curves can also be used in a contemporary dining room.

Straight-back metal or wooden chairs are ideal for the contemporary dining room. Metal chairs used in a contemporary space often have metal frames with holistic designs. These chairs are typically crafted entirely from a single material and each has a molded seat that seamlessly rises from the frame.

Solid-colored upholstered chairs, like the parsons chair, are also ideal for the contemporary dining room. Prints can make a space feel cluttered and as such, they are typically avoided in contemporary design.

With their cushioned bottoms, upholstered chairs are usually quite comfortable, especially when wrapped in soft-textured fabrics. You can place an upholstered seat on any type of frame, either contrasting or matching with the rest of the chair.

Typically, plastic dining chairs have both the seating and frame made from the material. The models range from budget-friendly options to crystalline, ornate constructions that can be quite costly.

Below are some other things that can be done to create a contemporary dining room:

Color Palette for the Contemporary Dining Room

Neutral colors are often used in contemporary decor. A basic color palette will allow the space to remain cool amidst ever-changing design trends. For accessories, go for good accent colors like bright orange, red or green. Orange and red are especially ideal for the dining room as they are deemed appetizing colors.

Wall Colors for the Contemporary Space

Wall colors set the mood of space and therefore, they must be chosen wisely. For the contemporary dining room, choose earth tones or other neutral colors. Contemporary design typically eliminates bright and dark wall colors and they do not enhance natural lighting.

You can paint your walls in medium taupe, soft gray or bright white. In addition, you can go for black or chocolate brown to make a bold statement. Brightly colored accessories can be tastefully positioned to accent the space and give it the contemporary touch you desire.

To complete the look of your contemporary dining room, you can use dramatic lighting and add a small amount of accessories like a pottery vase with tall, curly willows. A rug with geometric designs or one in subtle, earth tones can give the space a vibrant or inviting look. Hemp and bamboo rugs are great in a contemporary space.

Image courtesy of Rick Romer under the Creative Commons license.

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